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Students and parents

If you are a current student, or the parent, carer or guardian of a current student, then this area is all about you. Find your term dates, log into Firefly, and visit the Parent Portal.

In Toto Ed strives to work as a team with parents, carers and students and we use the Parent Portal to share important information. Progress and behaviour reports, timetables, attendance, and the calendar can be accessed on the Parent Portal, and once students have been enrolled, an activation email will be sent through to sign up.

All students have access to Firefly, which is our virtual learning environment (VLE). Firefly has subject-specific pages for all areas of the curriculum, and allows students to access revision materials, lesson content, and submit work both onsite or remotely. Once enrolled, students will be able to access Firefly using their assigned email address and password.

Meet your teachers

Our teachers and support staff are an integral part of In Toto life, and we want all of our students to have a solid relationship with their teaching staff. See who will be part of your learning journey on our staff list, or head over to the Blog to read deep dive interviews with some of the team.

Smiling teachers in meeting

Everything you need to know about your time at In Toto Ed can be found in our handbooks, from contact details and useful resources, to some interesting dates for your diary.

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Firefly is our virtual learning environment (VLE) platform. It gives our students and their parents, carers or guardians access to In Toto Ed’s curriculum and teaching content online.


A secure, collaborative platform, Firefly enables students to access their class and homework online if they are unable to attend their lessons. It makes sharing content home easy for our staff, and engages everyone involved in a student’s learning journey in one, central location.

You always make me feel welcome here. What you and your team have done for my young person is amazing.

- Parent of Year 13 student in Peterborough

Parent portal

Parent Portal

We have recently introduced the brand new Parent Portal, a place for all parents, carers and guardians to get up-to-date information directly from our Senior Leadership Team. The platform provides easy access to timetables and is a convenient way to update student information.

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There’s nothing more important than knowing where you need to be, and when. Find our term dates for each provision below and add them to your diary!

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