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Peterborough School update: Summer Term, 2023

Peterborough School updates

This year at In Toto Ed Peterborough has been particularly successful for a number of reasons. The student success rate, in terms of qualifications, has been exceptional and, most importantly for me, all students have developed socially as young people and have all been a pleasure to work with.

Our overall attendance of nearly 80% is excellent for an alternative learning provider, and this just shows that all of our students enjoy attending In Toto Ed particularly the engaging curriculum, where we continue to grow and offer new and exciting subjects such as Welding, Photography and basic cooking skills.

Next year is even more exciting, as we have acquired some additional space to expand the school, which will allow us to incorporate our own gym area, plus additional classrooms.

The end of term is fast approaching: our last day of term will be Wednesday 19 July. We will be holding coffee mornings on Tuesday 18 July and Wednesday 19 July, from 10am to 12pm, and I would like to invite you to attend either date (or both). Visit us and meet the team, and have a look around the ever-developing facility we have.

- Mark Venters, Head of School, Peterborough

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