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Peterborough School Update: February 2024

Students have been working hard this half term with their academic work, as well as continuing to develop the school building. A number of students have helped to build furniture for the school, by following written and verbal instructions that support their English lessons. 


There have been some fantastic creations in the kitchen as part of the Preparing for Adulthood programme, with the particular highlight being "opposites day", where students became the teachers and teachers became the students, learning how to create simple recipes under the guidance of our young people. 


With exam season around the corner, some of our students have successfully completed mock English and mathematics papers, putting their learning to the test and being very proud of their achievements. 


In Art, students have either been making collages or creating other amazing pieces of artwork, which are going to be displayed around the school building. 


With the better weather creeping in, we have also managed to do some personal training activities in the outdoor area. In one sessions the students chose to play a game of football, and insisted that I joined in - I am still feeling the effects today in my legs but it was fantastic seeing a group of our students interacting, smiling and enjoying the exercise. 


In Music it has been amazing to see a number of students collaborating on projects; we could have quite a good band forming! 


We break up next Friday 16th February for half term, and we are all looking forward to continuing the hard work when we return on Monday 26th February. 


Many thanks for your continued support, 

Mark Venters, 

Head of School, Cambridge 


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