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In Toto Cambridge - May 2024 update

It has been another fantastic half term in Cambridge. We have seen our amazing new life skills area in the Barn getting full use for cookery, barista, and life skills lessons following its refurbishment.  


It has also been a very successful half term for exams and qualifications, which many students have either begun or completed. Our Cambridge Team has been very proud of how well all our students have done managing to access exams, and showing the skills that they have been building throughout the year. 


Through this half term we have also continued to watch our next building come on in leaps and bounds as it enters its final phases of completion. We are expecting the building to be completed and furnished for use by September, as well as being able to make use of our outdoor space! 


When we return it will also be the time of the year that we set our sights on supporting several of our students in transitions to their next steps. There is a wide range of planned pathways for our leavers, and our team remains committed to supporting students in making a smooth transition to their chosen destination. 


We look forward to having a fun but busy and productive final half term of the year when we return, and hope that all of our students are able to have a much-earned rest over the half term break. 


Charlie Blackman-Doyle, Head of In Toto Cambridge 


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