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Cambridge School Update: February 2024

It has been an amazing half term in Cambridge. Since we came back in January we have been settling into our new home at the Fordham House Estate. All the students have transitioned brilliantly, and we are enjoying our new building. This has also given us the opportunity to put in some exciting new upgrades, which have included a new wireless mixing system for live music recording, new microphones, new furniture, and our newest investment in top-of-the-line education touch screens for classrooms. 


Our development projects have not stopped with the new building either! We continue to have “The Barn,” space and have quickly revamped this with a new kitchen setup for cookery, and will be continuing to develop this to offer a life skills and nurturing environment that supports our students in developing their Preparing for Adulthood skills.   


We are also able to watch with anticipation as our next building continues its construction at lightning pace opposite our new home. It has been fascinating for students and staff alike to see the daily changes to the construction and we look forward to expanding into the building in the future. 

We cannot wait to welcome students back after the break and have another exciting and engaging half term. 


Charlie Blackman-Doyle 

Head of School, Cambridge 


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