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Cambridge School Update: December 2023

It has been an amazing first term of the year at In Toto Ed Cambridge. All the staff have agreed that the time has flown by, and that students have made a great start to the year.  


We are all incredibly excited with the imminent move into the new building that we have all been waiting for. Our internal works are mostly finished now with the final large piece of work - fitting the carpet - being completed as we speak. This will only leave a few finishing touches through the week before we start to move the college furniture and equipment in, just before the staff break for Christmas.  


Once the carpet is fitted, we will be sharing two videos; the first is a video showing the various stages of the building project, from its early stages to completion. We will then also be sharing a guided tour video that will not only allow families to have a look around the finished building, but also enable students to see the inside, aiding transition preparation over Christmas.  


We have been lucky enough to have a number of returning learners as well as new students join us this year. All of the students have continued to transition to our home in Fordham brilliantly and we have been surrounded by positives throughout the term. There have been some amazing attitudes to learning, and focus from many students on achieving their goals, new trusted relationships forming with our new members of the team, and many students making huge steps forwards towards their qualifications, outcomes or both! 

As a team we are very excited to welcome students back from the 4th of January 2024. We will be informing education transport of our building move with a map to aid taxis in finding us, and will also be supporting this in the first few weeks in person whenever possible as well.  


We hope that all of our students and families have a wonderful seasonal break and rest, and look forward to seeing you in the new year.  

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