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Cambridge School Update: October half term, 2023

It has been an amazing start to the year for us at the Cambridge School. We have moved into our new site which has been brilliantly received by all of our students! We are continuing to use our temporary spaces as our final home is coming to the later stages of construction, and everyone is excited for the day we get to move into the new building.

Most of the outer building is now complete including plumbing, wiring, lighting and painting; we are looking forward to seeing the flooring fitted soon. The outside ground is currently being levelled and prepared for its finishing touches. Once this work is completed it will then be time for our internal room divisions to be put in.

We are hopeful that this will then lead to us being able to start teaching in the new building following the Christmas Holidays.

Around the site it has been so positive to see our students enjoying our new surroundings; many of our them are using the space to go for walks in the grounds and feel calmer away from the city centre. The students have shown the positives of this in the classroom too where studies have got off to a flying start this year.

We would also like to welcome two new members of the Team who joined us at the start of the year. John Underdown has joined as our Maths tutor and Olivia Jones has joined to teach English. Both are experienced teachers who have quickly become essential and popular parts of the team, and we are so pleased to have them join us.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of our building and look forward to being able to share the finished site soon.

Charlie Blackman-Doyle, Head of School, Cambridge

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