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Welding at Peterborough

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Although we have only been delivering our welding course since September, we're seeing a rise in interest in the subject and more students are signing up for an introductory course.

Sparks fly from welding

Peterborough's Head of School, Mark Venters, has been delighted with the introduction of welding to our curriculum,

Mark Venters, Head of School, Peterborough
"We are delighted to add welding to our growing curriculum in Peterborough.  We are able to offer some fantastic bespoke packages for learners with EHCP's, and adding welding to our programme list will hopefully help a number of learners over the coming years. 

We have also started to form some excellent connections with local companies, some of whom will provide us with the required materials, as well as our learners being able to offer to create real orders for them. 

A welded joint

Being able to offer a subject that will provide education and also enjoyment [for] our learners helps our young people to enjoy education again in a nice calm atmosphere, with a supportive team."

One of our new welding students who is currently in full time employment, but wants to achieve his level 3 welding qualification, openly talks about how calming and supportive the environment is at Peterborough, and that he can't wait to achieve his level 3 qualification to be able to progress within the industry.

Overall, it's been an exciting start to the year in Peterborough, and providing students with new opportunities to develop new skills within our supportive and nurturing environment is what makes In Toto Ed so unique.

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