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Get to know: Mark Venters

Mark Venters has been with In Toto Ed for almost two years now, in his role as Head of In Toto Peterborough. At the start of the Summer Term, he changed lanes to take on the role of Head of Quality & Outreach, while also maintaining the position of DDSL in Peterborough. After a successful first half term in his new role, we took the opportunity to learn more about what led him to In Toto Ed, and what he looks forward to in this new chapter. 

Mark's journey into education began when he was studying for diplomas in Care and Health Studies at Peterborough Regional College. As part of his course, he took on three work experience placements; in a nursery, an elderly care home, and working with SEN students. It was then he decided that SEN was the perfect sector for him.  

“I absolutely realised that my skills, and my heart, were set on working in SEN.” 

After graduation he was offered a role as Student Support Worker at his own alma mater Peterborough Regional College. After gaining his Level 5 teaching qualification, his career progressed to lecturer, curriculum lead, and manager, over the 27 years he was at PRC.  

After PRC, Mark joined the SLT of a specialist autism and behavioural college for post-16 students, where he focused on improving the curriculum and championing student achievement.  

In September 2022 Mark joined us as Head of In Toto Peterborough, and has done much to shape the provision into what it is today. Inspired by the rapid growth of not just the Peterborough provision, but London and Cambridge too, Mark’s new role will be absolutely pivotal in ensuring that every single one of our students continues to achieve to their personal best.  

“I’m very proud of In Toto Ed’s growth, not only in terms of student numbers and facilities, but in each student’s achievements and the general feel of the provision.” 

On the day-to-day, Mark will be overseeing external quality assurance visits, working collaboratively with awarding bodies, and overseeing the deployment of the curriculum. Hitting the ground running at the busiest time of the year, he has also introduced an exciting new work experience programme, allowing students to integrate their placements into their own bespoke timetables.  

When asked what his favourite part of In Toto Ed is, he replied; 

“We make a huge difference to young people’s lives, especially those who haven’t always had the best experience of education. Also every day is different - and I know it’s a cliche - but you learn to expect the unexpected, and that’s all I’ve ever asked for from my career.” 

Outside of work, Mark has three sons and enjoys football, acting, and singing. He has previously been part of a local amateur dramatics society, for which he debuted as Bill Sykes in Oliver! 

We are delighted to have Mark on our team and look forward to the positive impact his new role will have on our students for years to come.  

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