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Introducing Firefly, our new VLE

by Emily Gunton, Director of Learning & Development

Over the last few months we have been busy populating Firefly, our new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which all students are able to access from both school and home. This gives students the freedom to review resources and submit work from wherever they feel comfortable. Teachers can also embed videos, web links, Power Points, documents and even podcasts to add another dimension to the learning experience.  


Firefly can be accessed through a web browser using this link: or via the Firefly app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Students can also log in with their school email address and password, using the Office 365 tab within the Firefly login screen. This takes them through to the In Toto Ed dashboard, from where they can locate all subject areas, tasks, and their timetable.   


As an alternative provision we strongly believe in student-centred learning. Using Firefly not only supports student access from both school and home, it also ensures all our students can develop their computer literacy skills with access to high quality education and resources, keeping student-centred learning at the heart of what we do. In the Spring Term we will be launching parent / carer logins to Firefly, providing parents and carers with access to resources used in class that will enable them to assist students with revision. 


For classes that are working towards an examination or qualification, course content and specifications are now available online, ensuring that students, parents and carers can check information and be kept informed from wherever they are. In Toto Ed has a real emphasis on inclusivity, and Firefly offers personalised learning for each and every student in a safe learning environment. 


If you would like any additional information on Firefly, they have produced a video with more information. 




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