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Get to know: Stacey Green

Stacey is our Director of HR, Compliance and Safeguarding, and has been with us since March 2022. Part of the Senior Leadership Team, Stacey’s role involved supporting both her colleagues and our young people in the day-to-day running of the school, and recently also took on handling new student referrals.  

“My favourite part of working at In Toto Ed is the success of watching new staff join the organisation. Another favourite is watching the success of new students joining!”


Stacey’s background involves all sorts of education experience, from independent schools to residential children’s services. When asked what makes working at In Toto Ed special, Stacey responded: 

“We have a dedicated and passionate team of staff who put the student’s needs first and ensure they have access to the best education. Our Leadership Team are very supportive and always work hard to make sure we give every student an opportunity.“ 

It’s not surprising that Stacey sees herself continuing to work at In Toto Ed for many years to come! 

Outside of In Toto Ed, Stacey enjoys reading and spending quality time with her friends and family.  

If Stacey were able to give her 16-year-old self some advice, she would say; 

“If you wait until you feel brave to do all the scary stuff you dream about, you’ll die still dreaming. Courage comes from the doing; the more scary stuff you do, the braver you’ll get.” 

This fits in beautifully with her favourite quote, which is “You must do the things you think you cannot do”. 

We are very lucky to have Stacey on our Senior Leadership Team, and all benefit from her dedication to staff and students.  

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