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Get to know: Emily Gunton

Emily is our Director of Learning and Development, based at Head Office in London but working with all three schools. She has been with In Toto Ed from the start, leaving her previous role as Director of Music at an independent girls’ school to take on the challenge of setting up an alternative provision. 

In just under two years Emily has made a huge difference at In Toto Ed, overseeing the curriculum, staff development, and a mountain of organisational tasks that go on behind the scenes.

“My favourite part of working with In Toto Ed is making my vision come true. Walking around each school I can see how my influence has shaped it and I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved in a small space of time.” 

Emily’s latest achievement is setting up In Toto Exams, an initiative which allows external candidates to sit their GCSE, AS, A-level and Functional Skills exams at the London School.  

With a background firmly set in music, Emily worked for many years as a freelance percussionist and leading music workshops; it was these workshops that inspired her to qualify as a teacher. As an alternative provision, In Toto Ed presents a unique set of challenges and Emily has found herself learning a lot – about the educational and care system, her students, and herself. Find out more about Emily’s background in music performance.  

“I’ve been thrown completely out of my comfort zone on a number of occasions. The more I learn, the more determined I am to ensure that In Toto Ed provides as much help and support to our learners as we possibly can.” 

Outside of work, Emily is a keen swimmer and loves to travel. She writes a regular column for The Times Educational Supplement, guest lectures for Key Note Education, and is a strong advocate for Women in Music. If she could give advice to her 16-year-old self, she would say “hard work trumps everything,” and it’s clear that this is a mantra she lives by every day.  

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