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Cambridge Student Celebration

Just before the Summer Holidays in July, the Cambridge School held an end-of-year party to celebrate students' work and achievements from the year. Held at Bar Oh - a local live music venue - the event featured live performances from the music students, which saw one student moving freely around the venue using his new wireless guitar system.

There was also a Japanese spoken word section performed by one student who bravely took to the stage and told us in - completely in Japanese! - about her plans to travel to Japan and visit Super Nintendo World.

The students also enjoyed a range of retro video games consoles to play throughout the day include a Nintendo 64, Sega Mega Drive and PlayStation 1.

Bar Oh very kindly put on a selection of mocktails for the students and staff including a Rick and Morty inspired mocktail called the Wubba Luppa Dub Dub.

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