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Beauty and the London School

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

We are excited to announce that we have now included Beauty as part of our curriculum offering at our London School. After completing a ‘student voice’ earlier in the year, our Year 10 students indicated that this was something they would like to have the option of studying, particularly as a Level 2 qualification will allow them to work in a professional salon.

A makeup brush lying on a mirror

Having spent several months going through the accreditation process with AIM Awards, we are now able to deliver qualifications from Entry 1 up to Level 2. The suite of qualifications we are accredited to deliver allow students to not only to develop their skills as a Beautician, but also learn about Health and Safety, communication, and employability as part of the course.

Over half term, we recruited an extremely experienced teacher Cecilia Ashman-Howe, who joined the team at the end of February. Cecilia has been teaching Beauty for over 20 years and will be splitting her time between In Toto Ed and Shooters Hill College. She is a qualified IQA with a passion for engaging students, particularly those who have not been in education for a period of time.

A student in an In Toto Ed Beauty apron

Cecilia has been working hard on getting the London Beauty department set up and will be working alongside our Cambridge School to develop resources, standardise work, and ensure all In Toto Ed Beauty students are maximising their potential.

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