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London School Updates: April 2024

What a term! I feel as if I haven’t sat down since January, but I’m so proud of the staff team and the students as we have achieved more than I could have imagined. Alongside our curriculum we have had a number of trips from the Science Museum, to the Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, various libraries and FE colleges, and let’s not forget our end of term trip to mini-golf at the O2 on the last day of term. 

The Year 11s have been busy preparing for their exams and have recently had an assembly, given by our Exams Officer, on the JCQ guidelines. We are busy recording English Language Speaking Exams and finalising portfolios for our vocational qualifications. We’ve had lots of visitors, from SEN Caseworkers, to our local Safer Schools Officer PC Bradley, who have all commented on the quiet and nurturing environment In Toto Ed offers. There has been lots of Lego therapy taking place, and Beast - our Head of Wellbeing -  tested my own wellbeing when she escaped! Luckily I managed to successfully recapture her. 

Interactive whiteboards have been installed and the Easter break will see the large English classroom divided in two to create more classroom space.

We’ve had lots of successful annual reviews and have been busy making plans for September, which include being able to deliver ASDAN qualifications as well as RSL Music qualifications. 

As I write this, I am pleased that In Toto Ed are bucking the trend. The Education Secretary has spoken out saying that SEND is in crisis. Luckily for us, we are a SEND provision that is thriving and after a well-earned rest, I’m looking forward to next term. 

Emily Gunton,

Head of School, London 


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