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Get to know: Nadine Currie

Nadine is our brand-new Head of School Operations and Pastoral in London, and joined us a few weeks before the end of the Summer Term.

Nadine Currie, Head of School, London

Nadine grew up locally in South London and went to school in the borough of Lewisham. She has many years of experience working in education, with young people who have specific needs.

When asked what her favourite part of In Toto Ed is, Nadine responded;

"Supporting students to reach their full potential, and helping them to see that they can achieve."

She also cites the range of different qualifications on offer as a unique part of In Toto Ed, along with the excellent and dedicated teaching staff.

"Everyone cares about the work they do with the students, and want to make a change in their lives."

Her advice to her 16-year-old self makes it clear why she began working with young people;

"Take advice from people who have more worldly experience."

Excellent advice from your future self, Nadine! Speaking of the future, Nadine still sees herself in education in five years' time, but potentially working abroad.

Outside of work Nadine keeps active with swimming and yoga, and spends quality time with her family and friends.

We will end with Nadine's favourite quote:

"When you know better, do better."
- Maya Angelou
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